Business Start-up CheckList

“Take Action Business Start-up Check List”

___ Assess Your Entrepreneurial skills

___ Incorporated Business or filed Fictitious name report

___ Obtain quote for business insurance

___ Assess the market

___ Plan Your Projected Opening Date_____________________________

___Name Your Business________________________________

___ Create Your Logo

___Do you have the funds to start-up? (credit card, cash, grant or loan)

___Tax ID # (Visit the website)

___Purchased needed equipment and materials

___ Created a start-up and monthly operating budget

___ Develop Prices for products

___ Develop Company policies (employees, etc)

___ Write your Business Plan

___ Build a website (blogs are free and a great way to create a website) or

___ Advertise my business (yellow pages, newspaper, flyers, online)

___ Order business cards

___ Tell family and friends about my business

___ Learn from other business owners in your industry

___ Study the industry that you desire to enter (know before you go


How I can Help you!

___ Create an Online Marketing Plan

___ Download my Business Principles Guide

___ Schedule a Business Start-up Coaching Session with me


Much Success to You!!

Shiketa Morgan

Be sure to leave your comments about this online Business Start-up Check list below!


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