Networking Expands Your Business Exposure

Congratulations, Mrs. Angela Lomax, Owner of A & W Printing Services on your new Location!!

On Saturday October 26, 2013, I attended the Open House Of A & W Printing Services, in Florissant, MO. It was an Amazing Event!

There was food, popcorn, drinks, music and lots of Business Owners!

The ultimate purpose of the event was to introduce A & W printing services to the community, however, the Owner, Mrs. Angela Lomax, wanted the Open House to be a Networking event for Business Owners.

It was awesome to know that Nona Thomas of Gospel 1600 Radio Station and Founder & President of Christian Business Connection was at the event and allowing Business Owners to introduce their businesses live on the radio. That was not time to be shy!

Nona Thomas, Me and Cassandra McKissak. We talked for at least an Hour about Business. It was a Divine Connection for sure!!

Moreover, there were many other Business Owners at the open house, sampling their Business services and products including Ms. Crystal Johnson  (in photo below) Owner of Creative Designs ( a New Business in St. Louis, MO). Crystal had brought samples of her tasty turtle pretzels, cookies and many other treats that I enjoyed tasting.

(Me with Cystal Johnson, Owner of Creative Designs)

My original goal was just to stop by the Open House to support my Aunt’s new Business and It turned out to be an  amazing day of networking with Nona Thomas, Ms. Cassandra McKissak along with Crystal Johnson and other Business Owners.

There also was a lady there who wanted to start a daycare and she was referred to me by my Uncle and she happened to come to the Open House and we were so excited to connect. So I gave her my Child Care Business Coaching card and we will soon be working together on her new Child Care Business.

As I talked with those amazing women that I mentioned above, we exchanged business cards, we talked about our Businesses and I began to tell them all about my love for online marketing and my new ebook: Doing Business by Faith!

Our conversation about Online Marketing introduced the ladies to a side of Business that they wanted to become more familiar with and I was honored to be the one to share it with them!

A & W’s Open House led to me meeting some amazing women and a powerful networking circle.

Have you been to an Business networking event lately? If not, I want to challenge you to come outside of the walls of your home or Business and meet other Business Owners.

Me and Ms. Cassandra Ms. McKissak, a Local Health Care Business Owner who is working on starting up a television show soon, Her motto will be, Just Do it!
I look forward to being a guest on her show!!

You never know who needs your services or who can help you to promote your Business. If you’re shy, get over it, because your business success depends on your ability to get out and promote what you do.

As always, I want to share with you 5 things that you must know before attending a networking event:

1. Be sure to bring plenty of Business Cards

2. Work on your introduction. For example: Hi My name is Jane and I own a boutique. My specialty is in Business attire and I would love to invite you to come out to my boutique.. Here’s a 30% coupon to use toward your first purchase. You can also visit my boutique online at________________.

3. Be sure that your hair is styled nicely along with dressing attractively or simply wearing colors that others will notice.

4.  Come with a smile on your face.

5. Look around the room for people to connect with and practice great eye contact; that’s the perfect way to gain new connections!

Are you ready to network? You can find tons of networking events on Facebook or visit to find local networking events in your city.

Much Success to You,




Author: Shiketa Morgan Blog

Wife, Mom, Inspired Business owner & Mentor, Self Published Author and blogger.

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