The Unseen Realm and Business

Have you ever felt stuck in Business? Ever felt like no matter what you do, there seems to be a hindering force? Well, that’s because there is. Everything that you see in the natural realm was first in the unseen realm.

Let me take a moment to explain. There is a scripture in the book of Ephesians that reads: We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but about rulers and power of darkness of this age.

So, let me ask you a question? Have you been wrestling with issues in your Business? Are you frustrated? If so, it’s time to get the Victory over the unseen realm.

I have been in Business for over 18 years and I must honestly say that most of my Business Journey has come with a fight. This included, Chronic stress, Financial problems, the fight to hire the right employees, the fight to stay in business and not quit.

In fact, the area that I have battled with the most is in my mind. The thought of quitting used to torment me for years and now when the thought of quitting enters my mind, I rebuke it and cast it down.

The enemy knows that if you Quit, then you will not have financial freedom and you will not be able to live the Good life that God has planned for you on your Business Journey!

Are you wondering how I over came so much opposition from the un-seen realm?

  1. I developed a Consistent prayer life. In fact, I now have a prayer room in my home. Every day I start my Business day with prayer and I end it with prayer. When you give God your Plans, He will establish your way.
  2. I make a daily confession over my personal life and my Business. In fact, whatever I want to see manifest in my Business, I speak it out of my mouth. “ If you decree a thing it shall me established unto you.” ~Job 22:8
  3. I had to Develop Big Faith and consciously focus on my thoughts. When a thought of defeat tries to enter my mind, I cast it down and think on something positive. ” Your Business will only move in the direction of your most dominant thought.”
  4. I Dream Big for my Business. No matter what comes my way, I keep dreaming Big. I expanded my business again November 2014 and it took Big Faith. I was afraid to do it, however, my faith has taken my Business to another level.

So with that said, the un-seen realm may try to bring opposition and troubles, however, it’s up to you to Succeed!

Several years ago I bought a Book called: 4th Dimensional Living in a 3 Dimensional World. This book is written by  Dr. David Yong Gi Cho. After reading the book, I was reminded that the unseen realm is a realm that we cannot see, however, it is influenced by the following: Your faith, thoughts, dreams and words.

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Another Dimension of Succeeding in Business

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*Why it is vital that you have Faith filled thoughts
* The importance of  Prayer in Business
*How to develop your Patience
*How to develop that Don’t quit kind of faith!

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