What Caused Me To Develop An Attitide of Gratitude…


Several days before writing this blog post, I noticed there was a  ruptured blood vessel in my left eye. I wasn’t sure what caused it, however, I began to wonder if it was due to the enormous amount of stress I was facing.

However, I believe that I was silently allowing my circumstances to get on the inside of me. As a former medical assistant, I knew to check my blood pressure and the reading was higher than normal.

So, I decided to stop by my local nail salon to relax and pamper myself. As I closed my eyes and sat in the pedicure chair, I heard the following words: Have more gratitude for what is already working in your Life!

That was a divine aha moment for me. In fact, I realized that I had been sub-consciously worrying about what has not been working in my business and it was only frustrating me.

Furthermore, as I sat at the nail salon, I decided to start a gratitude Journal, so that I can redirect my focus on all the positive things that were going on in my life and in my Business.

Have you been silently frustrated with life or your Business Journey? Are you frustrated with the process? The answer to your frustration is to develop an Attitude of Gratitude.

When you develop an attitude of gratitude, you will view every obstacle with great optimism and your problems will seem to get smaller.

Do you have clients are customers who are unpleasant to do business with? Is your business not growing like you desire it to? If so, I challenge you to focus more on the positive clients that you do have. Also, its time to get enthusiastic about your business and be grateful for the progress that you have already made!

In summary, my eyes were examined by my eye doctor and I was told that the blood vessel rupture was common and not life threatening.

In fact, my eye doctor suggested that I take more Vitamin C to protect my blood vessels and arteries. I was grateful for those health tips!

3-days later, I have great peace and experiencing the wonderful Joy of having more gratitude!

What are you grateful for? Please leave your comment below…