Why Do You Need a Business Coach?

“A manager is a title, it does not guarantee success. Coaching is an action, not a title and actions will result in successes!”
~Catherine Pulsifer

Are you in the process of starting up a business or having difficulty taking your business to another level? If so, Its time to get a Business Coach!

A business coach will empower you to reach your greatest potential as a Business Owner. In fact, a business coach tends to see your potential even when you cannot see it.

The more that I coach business owners, the more I realize that we all need support from a mentor. Business can be fun, yet challenging at times and when things get tough or simply un-clear; you need the support of a mentor or a coach who you can share your business goals, dreams and struggles with.

Please allow me to give you an example. Several years ago, I enrolled in a Millionaire Mindset mastermind Group online. Within weeks of joining the group, the leader of the group entrusted in me to lead the group when she was away. In fact, she taught me how to conduct webinars and encouraged me to teach other business owners from my expertise.

That experience prepared me for my journey as a Business Consultant along with becoming a Self-Published Author. Furthermore, it gave me the confident to interact more with others in a group setting.

Moreover, she really pushed me to start a business online and right now today; if I had not allowed Ms. Cheryl Robinson to mentor me into becoming a Business Coach or Consultant, I would probably be miserable today.

Furthermore, this blog was a direct result of me investing in a Branding Coach. Catrice Jackson (Boss Lady of Branding) empowered me to brand, “Shiketa Morgan” and dig deep within myself to share my truth with the world.

Catrice’s Speciality is helping Business Women discover their brand and she empowers you to dig deep, get naked, discover your truth and discover who you really are.

So with that said, don’t try to build your business alone; Invest in yourself and your business and get a Business Coach Today!

Every great basketball, golf or football player has a great coach and every great business leader, has a great business Coach!

If you are stuck, not sure how to start a business or need help taking your business to another level; contact me today for a 30 minute break-through coaching session.

With your Business Success in Mind!


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