Are You Ready To Have An Inspired & Productive Summer?

summer coaching seriesWhen I first started my Business, I was so Inspired to do what it took to get the business started.

In fact, I would wake up every morning, excited that I had enough faith in my self to quit a job that I loved to start my own business.

Then 10 years into my Business Journey, I began to lose my inspiration. I was tired and began to lose interest in the business. Furthermore, I did not understand how you can be so excited about a Business, then years later….lose interest in the business.

I realized that I needed to do something to get my inspiration back. Once I got my inspiration back, I realized that I needed to be inspired in order to last as a Business Owner.

Can you relate to my story? Are you feeling stuck? Feeling like you need to go to another level in Business? Feeling Frustrated? Does it seem like you have lost interest in your Business?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, its time for you to Get Inspired Again!

In my upcoming Summer Coaching Series, I will show you how to get and stay inspired as a Business Owner! After all…if you are not inspired, you are probably not very productive or enthusiastic.

My Summer Coaching Series Begins on Monday June 2, 2014. When you sign-up, you will have access to:

  • Two ( 30-minute) live inspirational coaching sessions with me
  • 30 days of inspirational emails
  • a Free copy of my Get Inspired ebook for Business Women!

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It’s time to Get Inspired!



A Hopeful Business Owner Will Never Quit!

“Have big hope for your business and know that what you have faith for; will eventually materialize”

Have you ever been through a season in Business where you lost hope? If not, I have and I know what it is like to lose hope and want to quit.

However, I have discovered that, if you have hope; the thought of quitting will not enter your mind.

In fact, I have found that hope alone is like a magnet and when you have hope, what  you need tends to come to me; simply because you have hope.

Furthermore, I believe that it is vital that business owners walk by faith, because without faith, it is almost impossible to stay in business.

Please allow me to explain what I mean when I say: Walk by Faith. 

The bible defines faith as: the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. ~ Hebrews 11:1 Moreover, the dictionary defines Faith as: Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

So, as you can see Faith is:

  • Hope
  • Trust
  • Confidence

If you take away any of the 3 Components above, you will have a recipe for defeat and you will not have the faith to Succeed in Business.

Take a moment to answer and reflect on the questions below:

  1. What are you hoping for?
  2. Do you trust yourself to succeed?
  3. Do You Trust that God has given you the gift of Entrepreneurship?
  4. Do you have confidence in yourself?
  5. Do you have confidence that God has ordered your steps?

Your answers to the above questions will help you to do some soul-searching and help you to determine if you are walking by faith or if you are operating with a defeated mindset.

Furthermore, my goal is to give you the recipe for developing your Faith to be a Victorious Business Owner.

Tough times have a tendency to steal your confidence; or maybe even cause you to lose hope or trust in your ability to build a successful business.

However, I want you to know that if you tap into the 3 components of Faith & Hope that I mentioned above; you are destined to have Big Faith to Succeed as a Business Owner.

4 Traits of a Hopeful Business Owner

  1. A Hopeful Business Owner has big hope in his or her Business
  2. A Hopeful Business Owner is always looking ahead
  3. A Hopeful Business Owner does whatever it takes
  4. A Hopeful Business Owner talks positive about his or her Business

The above blog post is an excerpt from my book, doing business by faith, get your copy today! click here

Whatever you do, Don’t quit and Never Lose Hope!


Inspirational Words That will give you hope and I challenge you to read aloud daily:

” My Best Days are ahead of Me”

” God will supply all of my needs according to his riches in Glory”

“I walk by faith and not by sight”

“If I Keep Going, I will Win and See My Rewards for Persevering”

Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.~Martin Luther
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