The Inspired Business Woman

I can remember back when I was inspired to leave  a career as a Medical Assistant to start my first in home Business.

It was a Big leap of faith to leave a career that I was very comfortable with to start a Home based Business.

My first business was a home daycare and it was inspired by God. I can remember hearing the voice of God back in 1998 say these words to me: “Start a daycare.”

Those words inspired me to step out on faith, leave my job and start my Business Journey. Since I have stepped out on faith and started my Business; God has truly amazed me!

In fact, I have been inspired to expand my Business from my home to a commercial location twice!

Also, under the leadership of a Business Coach & Mentor, I have been inspired to Coach and Write.

What are you inspired to do? Are you inspired to start a Business? Are you inspired to write a book? Whatever your answer may be, I want you to share this with you: Pay attention to what keeps you inspired and stay away from situations and people that zap your inspiration.

Furthermore, as long as you are inspired and motivated to live your dreams or to build a Business, nothing can stop you..BUT YOU!

I am writing a book titled: The Inspired Business Woman and the book will be available for download or purchase some time in March 2016.

Until then, be sure to leave me a comment below and tell me what you are inspired to do?

Be Inspired,




Stop Using Old Business Strategies In a New Season

Focus On What Works,

Forget The Rest And Watch Your Business Grow

~ Joe Apfelbaum

My husband decided to upgrade the televisions in my home. In fact, my bedroom and my kitchen still had the old model of televisions (with the large backs). Don’t judge me….I don’t like to spend too much money on televisions. (laugh out loud!)

Moreover, I love to read books in my quiet time and my husband loves to watch television and that’s the only reason why we decided to upgrade our televisions to Flat screen HD models.

Getting back to the point....After my Husband (Charles) removed the old televisions from our bedroom, he left the old remote on the bed. So, when I decided to watch the local news, I picked up the old remote, pointed the remote at the television and it did not work.

In fact, I repeatedly pushed the buttons on the remote and still; NO Power!!

After several attempts to turn on the television, I decided to take a closer look at the remote and I discovered that I was using the remote to the old television!!

That was a moment of revelation for me or some may call it; an Aha moment. The thought that immediately came to mind was this: Shiketa, Stop Using Old Strategies in a New Season

I could hardly wait to share this Divine moment with you, because the situation with the remote, reminded me that I needed to stop using old business strategies in my new Season. Moreover, I believe many business owners are frustrated because we are using strategies that no longer work for us! 

What about you?  Are you still using old business strategies in a new season?

Has Your Business grown, yet you are still thinking small? It’s time to upgrade your thinking and get some new business strategies.

What are you doing in Business that is no longer working for you? Leave your comments below and I look forward to joining the discussion below:


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