Deborah Francis Empowers Business Women To Be Prosperous & Live Healthy

I met Deborah Francis via Facebook back in 2009. We are both passionate about Business and Living Healthy. In fact, we attended a millionaire mindset group together in 2010 and every time that we spoke with one another it was an empowerment session. Since 2010, we periodically speak on the phone and we still have empowerment sessions!

Deborah has introduced me to new streams of income and has been a great inspiration on my Journey as an Author. In fact, Deborah and her Husband Hasheem are the founders of the Built to Prosper Company and You must check out their Business and Health & Wellness Resources.

I have been a contributor several times in their Built to prosper Magazine along with being a guest on The Built to Prosper Radio Show and writing the Introduction to Deborah’s Book: The Joy of Healthy Living.

I was recently talking to Deborah on the phone about my goal to lower my Cholesterol the Natural way and Deborah shared some amazing health tips with me. In fact, she took the time to send me a list of all the foods that would help me to detoxify my body and lower my Cholesterol.

I was so grateful for that information that Deborah shared with me and I could hardly wait to introduce you to her!

I believe that when you connect with someone who adds value to your life; it is hard to keep it a secret.  So I had to tell you about Deborah and I hope that you take the time to get to know her as well.

Be sure to visit Deborah’s websites and connect with her on Facebook for daily Business and health tips!

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Travel Inspired Danielle’s Boutique

” I feel at home when I’m in my Boutique.”~Danielle Hubbard-Phelps

I am so excited to feature the Inspired Business Woman: Danielle Hubbard-Phelps of Omaha Nebraska. Danielle is not only an Inspired Business Women, but she is a close friend of mine. We went to High school together and we reconnected several years ago on Facebook.

Danielle is the Owner of Chocolate Cheetah Boutique; the mother of 7 Children and is also a Grandmother. Danielle is from my home town St. Louis, Missouri and loves being a business woman. She also owns a Family Home Child Care Business In Omaha.

I was inspired to feature Danielle on my Blog as I watched her transition from operating a home day to opening her very own boutique. In fact, as I viewed some recent photos of Danielle on Facebook I saw the glow in her face that comes when you are happy with what you do.So today I am going to share with you; what inspired Danielle to open her Boutique: Chocolate Cheetah.

The photo that you see below is of Danielle modeling some of the clothing from her newly opened boutique and I think she looks so comfortable in her skin. Also, she appears to be enjoying owning her new boutique.

What Inspired Danielle’s Boutique

Danielle’s boutique was inspired by her love for travel and she also loved to shop for nice things. In fact, Danielle’s family and friends would always ask her about the uniqueness of her clothing, shoes or purses that she found while traveling. They would also ask if she could find some unique items for them as well. So, Danielle decided not to only shop for herself, but to start shopping for others and start-up her very own Boutique.

Why Did Danielle Name the Boutique “Chocolate Cheetah”

The name Chocolate Cheetah was inspired by Danielle’s love for Espresso and chocolate colors in her home. She also loves “Cheetah” prints.

Danielle’s Start-up Cost Was very Low

While working at a local store, the Owner of the Building told Danielle that if she worked for him; that she could get the building next door to his store. So, she worked on the building; brought things from her home to strategically place throughout the shop and after lots of hard work and months of renovating the Boutique, she was open by June 2013!

I just love Danielle’s business skills!

One of the strategies that Danielle used to get inventory for her boutique was to invite customers to sell their clothes to the boutique and Danielle bought new and used clothing from her customers.

“I love to see the smiles on my customer’s faces”~Danielle-Hubbard-Phelps

Places Danielle Travels for Her Inventory

  • New York—> Purses
  • California—> Shoes
  • Chicago–> Jewelry

Social Events at Danielle’s Boutique

Every Wednesday at the Chocolate Cheetah Boutique, you can expect to join the event called: “Women Who Wine.” I just love this idea!!

Danielle wants the women who visit her boutique to have an elegant experience as they shop, enjoy wine, taste cheese along with a listening to a little jazz music. Candles are also lit throughout the boutique for a relaxing ambiance.

Also, Danielle invites local business owners to come and network on Wednesdays at her boutique and she may even allow local business owners to market their businesses, products or services.

The Marketing Strategy That Cost Danielle (2 Ice cream Cones)

Danielle decided to have her daughter and her daughter’s friend to stand in front of the store to hold her purses and wear her floppy hats to draw more attention to the boutique.

I thought this was a great marketing concept and a great way to get her daughter involved with the business. After modeling in front of the store, all Danielle’s daughter and friend wanted was: Ice cream!

Danielle’s Tip for New Boutique Owners:

  • Start Small
  • Use what you have
  • Don’t over clutter
  • Make your customers eyes wander
  • Constantly rearrange things
  • Add at least one new item a week

I hope that you were inspired by Danielle’s Inspired Business Woman Story along with gaining new business strategies from Danielle’s story. Feel free to connect with Danielle on Facebook and be sure to Like her Chocolate Cheetah Boutique Page on Facebook!