Bigger Faith Leads To Bigger Success

In my 18 years of being a Business Owner, I have found that fear will paralyze you and Faith will propel you forward!

When I started my Business in my home, I started with a small amount of Faith and as my Faith grew; my Business grew.

What do you have the Faith to accomplish? Are you ready to enlarge your territory? If so, you must develop your faith!

At my upcoming Doing Business by Faith Workshop, I will show you how to develop your Faith for Big Success and share Business Growth strategies with you!

So, if you are serious about taking your Business to another level in 2018, click the image below and meet me in St.Louis!



Dealing With Uncomfortable Moments in Business


Sometimes we have to do what’s uncomfortable for us in order to get to where we desire to be in Business.

I love to travel, but flying gets uncomfortable for me some times.

The most uncomfortable part is take off. I get a little dizzy at take off, but after a few minutes; that feeling goes away.

However, I know that uncomfortable feeling I get as the plane is taking off, is only temporary.

Let me ask you several questions:

1.What’s making you uncomfortable?

2. Is it starting a business?

3. Is it expanding your business?

4. Is it public speaking?

Whatever it may be, I want you to know that you must go through the uncomfortable seasons in order to reach your Destiny.

So I sit back and relax until you reach your destination!

Moreover, stop sweating the uncomfortable moments, because the uncomfortable moments are all apart of the process on the way to your Destiny!

Keep walking by Faith,