The Inspired Business Woman

I can remember back when I was inspired to leave  a career as a Medical Assistant to start my first in home Business.

It was a Big leap of faith to leave a career that I was very comfortable with to start a Home based Business.

My first business was a home daycare and it was inspired by God. I can remember hearing the voice of God back in 1998 say these words to me: “Start a daycare.”

Those words inspired me to step out on faith, leave my job and start my Business Journey. Since I have stepped out on faith and started my Business; God has truly amazed me!

In fact, I have been inspired to expand my Business from my home to a commercial location twice!

Also, under the leadership of a Business Coach & Mentor, I have been inspired to Coach and Write.

What are you inspired to do? Are you inspired to start a Business? Are you inspired to write a book? Whatever your answer may be, I want you to share this with you: Pay attention to what keeps you inspired and stay away from situations and people that zap your inspiration.

Furthermore, as long as you are inspired and motivated to live your dreams or to build a Business, nothing can stop you..BUT YOU!

I am writing a book titled: The Inspired Business Woman and the book will be available for download or purchase some time in March 2016.

Until then, be sure to leave me a comment below and tell me what you are inspired to do?

Be Inspired,




Another Dimension of Succeeding in Business

Doing Business By Faith ebook is finally Published!! I’m so excited to share this ebook with you because I truly believe that the ebook will be a blessing to you.

Most importantly, you will have access to information that will empower you to do business by Faith. You can accomplish anything with much Faith!

In this book, I am going to walk you through the steps that I personally took to Develop Big Faith in Business.  So get ready to discover the following:

*What it means to do business by faith
* How to have faith in your dreams as a business owner
* The importance of Speaking faith filled words
*Why it is vital that you have Faith filled thoughts
* The importance of  Prayer in Business
*How to develop your Patience
*How to develop that Don’t quit kind of faith!

Get your copy today!