Success is in the details

Steve Job said it best: Success is in the details! I was inspired to write this blog post as I was visiting a local restaurant.

As my husband and I sat at the Dinner Table, we were  looking at all the little details about the restaurant.

In fact, the first detail that we noticed was this: the owner turned a home into an elegant restaurant.

Then we also noticed, how the water was brought to the table in a unique bottle. The menu was very unique, there was a lot of attention given to the decor around the restaurant and the food was amazing!

I can go on and on about the details, however, I want to inspire you to pay very close attention to the little things that you do in Business, because they matter!

Here is a challenge for you! Take a closer look at the following:

  1. Your Business Environment
  2. Take a closer look at your website
  3. How does your business look on the outside? (flowers,etc)
  4. Can your marketing materials use a makeover?
  5. What is it that  Customers hear and see when they walk in your Business?
  6. Do you pay close attention to detail when you get dressed for Business?
  7. Does your Business Have a Theme?

I think you get the point. Start paying close attention to those small details and make necessary changes.

I promise you that your customers will pay close attention to those small details and they will also tell their friends and family about your Business or service.

Have a Successful Business Week!


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Author: Shiketa Morgan Blog

Wife, Mom, Inspired Business owner & Mentor, Self Published Author and blogger.

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