5 Ways to Share Your Business Journey with Your Children


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I started my childcare business in my home when my daughter was only three and my son was 7-years old. I am still sharing my business journey with my children today.

In fact, my daughter( now 18) works part-time at my Child Care Center with me and she gets to watch me in action every day in my role as a Business Woman.

She teaches in the classroom, helps with  food service, housekeeping and even goes with me on my weekly business errands.

My son Don (23 years old), prefers to do maintenance work, he does not want to help with the children. He prefers to help keep up the outer appearance of the building including; washing the van, sweeping the parking lot or helping to wax floors when needed.

It is my goal to continue to show my children how to operate a business and my dream is that they would be successful business owners someday.

Do you have children? If so, I hope that you are planting seeds of entrepreneurship in your children at an early age by involving your children in your business endeavors.


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Ways to Share Your Business Journey with your Children:

  1. Take your teenagers to networking events with you
  2. Place entrepreneur books and magazines where your children can see them
  3. Ask your children for their business advice
  4. Invite them to open your business mail or file in the office
  5. If you work online, invite your child to watch you work the internet!

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Author: Shiketa Morgan Blog

Wife, Mom, Inspired Business owner & Mentor, Self Published Author and blogger.

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Share Your Business Journey with Your Children”

  1. Thanks for sharing. My daughter has grown up in the biz, too. At 16, almost 17, she is now on the payroll, but she put many hours in prior to that. She has been on the working end of a mop more than once and is learning what it takes to have a good work ethic. Our kids aren’t born with the knowledge of what it takes to me a good employee, so I just love your post. Even if they have no interest in working in the same field as we do, they need to see just a little of what we really do at work.


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