Business Wisdom-Maintaining What You Already Have

business wisdom

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have noticed that I share Business Wisdom Tips from time to time. In fact, I enjoy sharing what I have learned along the way on my Business Journey and I hope that you have enjoyed my Business Wisdom Tips.

I realize that many of my followers are not always on social media, so I have decided to share my Business Wisdom Tips with my blog followers as well!

This week’s Business Wisdom tip:

Do you desire to expand or grow your Business? If so, I want to challenge you to evaluate  how you are currently maintaining what you already have.

How are you doing in the Business maintenance department?  In fact, if you can hardly maintain what you already have, you may want to first master maintaining what you already have.

Furthermore, I have discovered this one thing when I expanded my Business in 2003; The more that you have, the more you will have to maintain.

I’m not against business growth, however, I am for living a quality and organized life. The more organized that you are in your Business and Personal life, the more clarity you will have in Business.

A Well Maintained Business Will Do Wonders For Your Brand!


Ideas For Creating a Business Maintenance Plan:

1. Develop a Plan for cleaning, dusting and organizing your office space

2. Water your plants 2-3 times a week.

3. Create a routine for opening and reading mail

4. Create a checklist for maintaining and updating record keeping

5. Update the content on your website and social media pages on a weekly basis

6. Keep the outside of your business free of trash and debris

7. Develop a system for reading and replying to email in a prompt manner

8. Buy new materials or supplies for your business on a regular basis. (Great way to stay inspired!)

I think you get the point! If you are going to be in Business, it is vital that you develop a Maintenance plan!!

I look forward to reading your thoughts about this week’s Business Wisdom Tip! Be sure to leave your comments below and I will be sure to join the discussion.

To Your Success….


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