5 Steps To a Well Maintained Business

business woman thinking

Several days before writing this blog post, my husband and I were working in our yard. In fact, we realized that our plants were over grown and we needed to do a better job maintaining our garden.

As I was trimming back flowers and planting annuals in flower pots ; this thought came to my mind: In order to have a beautiful garden, you must maintain it. Wow…what an aha moment!

Moreover, I thought about how gardening and business are closely related. If you have a garden or a business; it must be well maintained. Furthermore, I believe that a well maintained garden or business takes lots of planning and a little extra work on a weekly basis.
However, if you stick to your maintenance plan; you will enjoy the fruit of your labor. Here are 5 Steps to a Well Maintained Business:


1. Take some time and write down a strategic maintenance plan for your business. If you have a website, be sure to develop a plan and create a schedule for updating content on your website. Do you have employees? Create a maintenance plan that includes; How often you will evaluate your employees performance. Think about who will evaluate your employees and take steps to improving employee performance.

2. Take some time to prune back what is not working for your business. If having a Facebook page is bringing more business than a weekly ezine; then cut the weekly Ezine and Focus on your business Facebook page. Do you have an under performing employee? Deal with it or get rid of all slackers!

3. Pluck the Weeds! Weeds can be clients who are not paying on time, gossiping team players; negative friends; business practices that has a negative impact on your business brand. You know what your weeds are and it is vital that you cut them down before they destroy your business!

4. Water Your Business. As I water my plants every week; I notice how vibrant they look and how fast they grow. This principle also works in business. You must water your business with love; put your heart into your business and water your business with the knowledge that you are gaining from the business books that you read, apply what you learn from other business sources and of course… the insight that you are gaining from my blog.

5. Enjoy your Business. It makes no sense to build a business that you are not enjoying. Do the work; sit back and enjoy the fruit of your hands. If you are always working; you will never know what it feels like to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments about this blog post. If I do not enjoy the conversation right always, it’s because I’m enjoying the fruit of my labor!


To Your Success,
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Author: Shiketa Morgan Blog

Wife, Mom, Inspired Business owner & Mentor, Self Published Author and blogger.

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