The 1st Step To Doing Business By Faith…


We must always dream as if awesome and mysterious events are going to occur in our lives.~Dr. David Yong Cho

The first step to doing business by Faith is by having a Dream for your Business. In fact, when you have a dream; it gives God something to work with and your dream will cause you to walk by faith.

Moreover, when your dream looks impossible to you; they are  Possible with God’s help. No dream is too big and there is nothing that God cannot help you to accomplish.

I first realized that it takes faith to build a business, when I expanded my business from a home based business to a commercial location. It takes big time faith to step out and take on overhead, have employees and a lease to pay every month.

However, my dream attracted the faith that I needed to build that business and 10 years later I am working on another expansion, because my faith has grown to trust that I can live the dreams in my heart with God!

Remember this: Visualize yourself living your dream, believe and speak your dream into existence!

Tell me about your dream for your business? (simply reply to this post)

Your Inspired Business Woman Mentor,


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Author: Shiketa Morgan Blog

Wife, Mom, Inspired Business owner & Mentor, Self Published Author and blogger.

2 thoughts on “The 1st Step To Doing Business By Faith…”

  1. Excellent word as usual. I agree you must have a dream first. You must also be willing to depend only on GOD for your dream to come true. I enjoy reading all of your blogs. The information is worth pondering over and all it all seems to be a fit for my puzzle. Thank you!


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