How to Become an Inspired Blogger & Self Published Author

Do you love to write? Are you self-disciplined and love to spend a lot of time on the computer? Do you prefer to work from home? If so, you will make a great blogger or self published author.

What is a Self-Published Author?

A self published author is someone who creates and publishes his or her own ebooks, blogs, website and articles. In fact, being a self-publisher author cuts out a publishing company and there is no up front cost involved in the publishing process. However, if you are creating a website or a blog, there may be a low domain registration fee, to create your own dot com name.

My story

I have been a freelance writer since 2005. My first article was published in the Employment Times (in Maine) and it was titled: How to have good work ethics. I was paid $50 for the $1,000 word article and then I became a regular contributor for the publication.

My next writing assignment was landed with a healthy childcare publication and that article paid me $100.00. Then another assignment came with an early childhood site and the assignment paid me $200. Other assignments began to follow, then I decided to start publishing my own work online by blogging and writing my own ebooks.

For paid writing assignments, subscribe to the writers market and Freelance writers weekly.

Now as you may see, landing paid assignments can pay very well, however, the trick to getting paid well is, having more than one assignment at a time.

In 2008, I discovered a passion for blogging. My first blog was titled, Natural Living 101. The blog was inspired by my obsession with Natural Living and healthy living.

Also, my passion for business, inspired me to create the blog, Business 101 (in 2009) and now the blog is an ebook: Business Principles & Wisdom.

Then in 2010, I had a desire to start a blog for Child Care Business Owners that offered coaching, ebooks, eCourses and offer great tips to inspire Child Care Business Owners to build a quality childcare business. This blog is now an online business and I love it!

In 2011, I Published my first internet marketing ebook: An Online Marketing Plan. This ebook was created to show business owners and freelance writers how to market their business and services online.

In 2012, I decided to turn my personal blog into a blog for Fabulous women. My goal is to empower women that read my blog to live fabulous lives!

Are you ready to become an Inspired Freelance writer or a self-published author? I suggest that you do the following:

  1. Discover what you would love to write about?
  2. Stick to one topic and make a list of topics that interest you and write about it.
  3. Start a WordPress blog and practice blogging.
  4. Follow other experienced bloggers and freelance writers (like me:)
  5. Write and blog every chance that you get. The more that you write, the better that you will get at it.
  6. Order your copy today of my Online Marketing Plan,so that you can develop a social media presence and market your work online.
  7. Create a product or service and sale it online (coaching, ebook, products,services, etc)

I want to share this tip with you before you go; don’t focus on the money. Focus on adding value and offering products and services that your readers can use! The money will follow!! Need help with starting your online or blogging business, contact me.

I look forward to your comments about this blog post. Be sure to share the link to your blog in the comment box below, so that I can follow your blog!

Have an Inspired Day,


A Website that you must Visit

How to be a successful freelancer (includes a free ebook chapter)


Author: Shiketa Morgan Blog

Wife, Mom, Inspired Business owner & Mentor, Self Published Author and blogger.

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