What a Little Determination and Positivity Can Do

While I was flying home from a Fabulous trip to Las Vegas back in June 2012, I decided to read the July edition of The”O” Magazine.

On page 24 of the magazine, I discovered an article titled, from Restaurateur to Aromatherapist. The article was about an Inspired Woman name Lynette Lovelace.

I was quite interested in reading Love lace’s story because I also own a business and several years ago went from operating a commercial business, to discovering a love for writing, coaching and blogging.

Love lace opened a restaurant in 1991 just outside of Chicago that also sold high-end clothing and she named it Kafe Kopelli. In 2001, Love lace son was diagnosed with a life threatening illness and she was forced to care for her son and manage her business.

Then in 2008, her daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After her daughter’s surgery, Lovelace realized that it was time for a change and she decided that her next business venture would allow her to spend more time at home and would promote the healing powers of a positive attitude.

In 2009 Love lace launched, Life Therapy! Love lace’s line is sold all over the world and her product line includes:

  • Perfume
  • body wash
  • scrub
  • lotions
  • creams

Love lace believes that a body wash will not change anyone’ life, but it can boost your mood! I hope that your mood has been lifted and that you have been inspired by Lynette Love Lace’s story.

In fact, I have already started to create my next business venture and it will definitely be from home. My goal is to spend my 40′s doing what I love and that is writing, traveling and enjoying my family.

Like Lovelace, I hope that you step out on faith, get determined about your dreams and have a positive attitude about it.

As you can see, having a positive attitude with determination, has brought Lovelace to a great Journey! Be sure to check out Lynette Love lace fabulous website, Click Here.

I want to leave you with these words, the decisions that you make will determine your next season. As you have read in this article, Lovelace decision to start another company gave her what she wanted: lying around in her pajamas with her kids!

Time to Choose What You Want Out of Life and Be Inspired!

What steps are you taking to live your dreams?


Source: O Magazine, page 24


Author: Shiketa Morgan Blog

Wife, Mom, Inspired Business owner & Mentor, Self Published Author and blogger.

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